Microsoft started to release its update to its Windows 10 software. The software company added several new enhancements for their users.

Enter The Timeline

One of the new features that are a part of the Windows 10 update is Timeline. Timeline will give its users the power to go back 30 days to find missing items. It will also allow users to see the number of programs that are running on the computer. Also, the new feature can also be accessed by customers using their smartphones. Timeline is expected to work for both Microsoft Edge and Office 365 users. However, users should not expect Timeline to serve as a backup unit for previous files.

Shifting Your Focus

In the Windows 10 software, Microsoft will help customers find their focus again. The Focus Assist is the new incarnation of a previous feature called the "Do Not Disturb" function. Some of the purposes of this application could range from reading a book or a document on your computer to working on an assignment. Focus Assist will also turn off distractions such as social media updates at scheduled times of the day.

A 3D World

Windows 10 is expanding upon 3D graphics in this new update through three unique opportunities. First, Office 365 users can add 3D animations into their PowerPoint presentations. Secondly, Mixed Reality Viewer, which one of Microsoft's new software programs, will give 3D fans a chance to add 3D objects into their videos. Finally, Paint 3D also allows artists to create their3D images by using an enhanced Snipping Tool.

Controlling Your Diction

According to Forbes, Diction is one feature from the Microsoft Windows 10 software update that could greatly benefit users. Diction will give users the chance to speak to their computers and provide the computer orders to type out your phrasing. Customers should use Diction in several applications such as both Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Welcome To The Virtual World

Another element that could satisfy Windows 10 users is the Windows Mixed Reality feature. The service for StreamVR is expected to transport people in the virtual world. If customers have their Windows-powered VR headsets, they should be able to play games with the app. The software update would also allow people to take pictures of their VR games.

The Microsoft Corner

Besides the Microsoft Windows 10 software update, there have been other products that the computer software company has announced. On April 26, Microsoft quietly dropped iTunes into their Microsoft Store. The music app is only available for computers which are running the Windows 10 operating system. They would also have to make sure that there is 476.7 MB is available on their computer's hard drive.

The software company is also working on a smaller version of its operating system called Windows 10 Lean. Technology insiders have stated that Microsoft apparently eliminated several items such as wallpaper, drives for CDS and DVDs, and apps. Also, the Windows 10 Lean computers might have users download the missing apps.

Meanwhile, Xbox fans were delighted to learn that some of their favorite games were coming to the Xbox One. A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it would add 19 more games to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list. Several tiles included Breakdown, Jade Empire, SSX 3, and several Star Wars titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

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