Google Assistant Works With 5,000 Smart Home Devices


Google just revealed a significant revelation regarding its Google Assistant. The technology device reached a milestone that could satisfy homeowners.

5,000 Connections

On Thursday, May 3, Google stated on its blog that Google Assistant users in the United States could use the technology device to connect 5,0000 appliance and devices in their homes. In January, the technology company revealed that Google Home was connected to 1,000 items. The new blog post claims that Google Assistant could instantly transform a living room into an entertainment complex and even increase the power of home security devices.

New Partnerships

The blog post revealed that Google partnered with a plethora of companies to enhance their users' smartphones. Google Assistant can turn on items such as DISH's Hopper service, Panasonic home security cameras, and a Nest learning thermostat. The company also said that it would be working with companies such as ADT, Arlo, Hienese, IKEA, and LG to make its products compatible with Google Assistant.

The Connection Power

Nick Fox, Google's vice president of product design for Google Assistant, noted that Google Assistant is connected to a variety of products. He added that Google wanted customers to be comfortable with going to a store and buying a smart home product without any hesitation.

"The Assistant now supports essentially all the major brands," said Fox to Engadget.

Google News

In addition to announcing the Google Assistant's latest milestone, the company also announced that it would help 21-year-old Michael Sayman develop a social gaming app called Arcade. Sayman is a part of the company's Area 120, which allows Google employees to pursue their passion projects. While Arcade is still in the early development stage, several media outlets predict Arcade would be using a trivia format, which could allow users to challenge their friends in competitions.

On April 30, Google Doodle commemorated what would have been celebrated mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß's 241st birthday. Graphic designer Bene Rohlmann transformed Google's logo into an homage to Gauß in honor of his legacy. Some of Gauß's works featured in Rohlmann's drawing were the 17-side geometrical figure known as a heptadecagon, a bell curve, and the triple bar.

Gauß made many mathematical and scientific discoveries throughout his life. He passed away in 1855 due to a suspected heart attack.

Earlier last month, Google released its Tasks App. The application is integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail. It is expected to help users not only declutter their phone but also set priorities by adding features such as subtasks and deadlines. It was also reported that Google would be replacing Play Music with a YouTube Remix Streaming Service. There were several speculations that YouTube Remix might offer music videos in addition to a vast variety of songs.

Tech Times has reached out to Google for a comment on this story.

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