Sony revealed that God of War has become the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive game. It says that it sold more than 3.1 million units globally in the first three days (April 20-22) of launch.

God of War has been a critical and popular success for Sony.

God of War

Sony just proved what a big deal God of War is for the company. The previous record holder for the title of fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive was Uncharted 4: A Thief's End released in May 2016. That game managed to sell 2.7 million copies worldwide.

In the announcement by Sony, Shannon Studstill the head of Sony Santa Monica, which developed God of War, said that she would like to thank the fans who bought the game. Studstill calls the support that the game has received, inspiring. She also said thanks to the creative director, Cory Barlog, and the director of product development, Yumi Yang, by name in the statement.

Sony's statement doesn't use the word shipped, instead, it says sold meaning that each of those copies was purchased by a person. God of War has been as a success for Sony. Critically it has been hailed as an achievement.

Other best selling PlayStation 4 exclusives include Horizon Zero Dawn which sold 2.6 million units in two weeks and The Last Of Us which shipped 3.4 million units in three weeks for PlayStation 3.

Next Steps For God Of War

With the success of the game, it seems that a DLC should be imminent but that's not part of the plan. All the way back in January, it was confirmed that the game would not have DLC developed for it. God of War director Cory Barlog confirmed that the game doesn't have any DLC and that the end wasn't meant to signal additional content.

Talking with Kotaku, Barlog says that after five years spent developing God of War that the developers want to let it sit for a while. Barlog also says that the team tried to do something which developers used to do which was release the full game at once without cutting content for later use.

He likens the end of God of War to the after credits scenes used by Marvel to hint at future movies. While the ending may not be addressed with future DLC, it could be addressed with future games in the series. Barlog says that people shouldn't be cheated buts instead should feel glad that they have the entire game instead of having a part of it cut off.

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