Sinemia, a competitor to the better-known Moviepass, announced subscription prices that are far lower than what it offers. The lower prices do come with some disadvantages, as there are more restrictions than what Moviepass offers.

Sinemia offers more tiers than the one price for all that Moviepass offers.

Sinemia Subscription Prices

To get on even footing with its bigger rival Moviepass, Sinemia offers much lower subscription prices. The prices are broken down like this: for $4.99 per month users can watch one movie per month, for $6.99 per month user can watch two movies per month, for $9.99 per month users can watch two movies per month including 3D, 4D, and IMAX, and for $14.99 per month users can watch three movies per month including 3D, 4D, and IMAX.

These prices vary greatly from Moviepass' $9.99 per month that allows users to watch unlimited movies and is only limited to once per day. Moviepass also limits users to watch the same movie only once. This unlimited feature is what attracts many moviegoers to purchase a subscription with Moviepass. Sinemia cuts this feature out for lower prices.

To defend the limitation in Sinemia's subscription service its chief executive Rifat Oguz says this is a good thing. Oguz told Techcrunch that unlimited plans don't work for everyone, he cites the statistic that the average moviegoer in the U.S. consumes four movies per year.

Sinemia also offers something that Moviepass doesn't, advanced online ticketing. Moviepass makes people show up to the movie theater to be able to purchase the tickets for the movie they want to go to. Moviepass also doesn't allow users to watch 3D, 4D, and IMAX versions of films.

Moviepass Brings Back Unlimited

Sinemia announces low subscription prices, Moviepass brought back its $9.99 unlimited price. For most of the month of April, Moviepass was offering the service for $29.99 for three months and added a free trial to iHeartRadio's All Access streaming service. Under this deal, users would only be able to watch four movies per month. This caused panic among fans of the service.

Many were disappointed that they weren't able to sign up for the service at the price of $9.99 per month. Moviepass chief executive Mitch Lowe said that the company never planned to abandon the monthly plan. Lowe said that this was done as part of a promotional package.

This contradicted what Lowe said before Moviepass switched back to its monthly deal. Lowe said that he wasn't sure if Moviepass would go back to its previous deal. Lowe later added that he didn't want to say that Moviepass was reverting in order to hate sales during the deal with iHeartRadio.

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