It appears LG is preparing to release a new smartwatch, a new FCC filing suggests. Rumors that came out last month suggested LG's new Wear OS-powered device would feature a hybrid analog design.

The filing adds credence to this speculation and suggests that the watch will get a redesigned interface to account for the unique form factor. Screenshots of the on-device FCC ID E-label confirms "ZNFW315" will run Wear OS, which used to be called Android Wear before Google rebranded it for some reason. The images confirm the watch will boast a circular display, unlike the Apple Watch, which has a more squarish screen.

LG Smartwatch Will Feature A Hybrid Design

The shape of the screen will inform the interface. Instead of congesting apps in list form, the filing reveals that LG has arranged app icons in a semicircle, with a cutout top that notes the name of the selected app. This change is possibly due to the rumored hybrid design, as first reported by Android Headlines. Aside from a typical 1.2-inch LCD display, the watch will also come with analog hands like those on traditional timepieces. Supposedly, this hybrid factor will save on battery life and appeal to different kinds of consumers.

Specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, 768 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of local storage. The model spotted in the filing doesn't have LTE capabilities, though, just Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although there's LG won't might also release a 4G-capable variant later on. There's also the question of whether the smartwatch will support local music storage given its 4 GB of free space.

Not much else is known about the device except from the details listed above. Pricing, release date, and even its name are yet to be determined. More than anything, it's nice to know LG still hasn't given up on smartwatches.

I/O Developer Conference Unveiling?

Perhaps Google will make an official announcement during its forthcoming I/O developer conference or at the very least elaborate on this unique hybrid form factor. Google recently rolled out a bunch of Assistant features to Wear OS, and a new smartwatch could be the best way to showcase those improvements.

Thoughts about LG's rumored smartwatch? Does the hybrid design sound appealing to you at all? Do you think smartwatches are still a thing these days? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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