Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games To iOS And Android Devices


Valve revealed the new Steam Link app, which will allow players to stream their PC games to their iOS and Android devices.

The new app will be the closest thing to expanding the Steam platform to devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. However, players will need to fulfill a few requirements before they can enjoy Steam Link.

Steam Link App Unveiled

The next best thing to releasing Steam on iOS and Android is to stream Steam games on the mobile platforms. The new Steam Link app announced by Valve will do just that.

The Steam Link app extends the Steam In-Home Streaming service of the Steam Link set-top box, which currently allows players to stream Steam games from one PC or Mac to another computer. The host computer streams a live video feed across a home network to the client computer, while the client computer relays gameplay commands back to the host computer.

Steam Link, which will launch before the end of the month in the week of May 21, will add iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes to the list of client devices that can receive streams of Steam games. With the app, Valve is looking to add another way for its Steam library of games to compete with living room consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Steam Link App Limitations

The Steam Link app does not allow gamers to simply launch the Steam game on their computer at home and then play on their iOS or Android smartphone while on the go. The iOS or Android device is required to be connected to the PC through a wired Ethernet connection or a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

According to Valve, Steam Link is compatible with the Steam Controller and MFi controllers. However, it remains unclear if the app will enable touchscreen controls for smartphones and tablets and what other kinds of controllers will be allowed.

The beta version of the app will be rolled out soon for Android, which should answer some of the remaining questions over Steam Link.

Valve To Also Roll Out Steam Video App

In addition to Steam Link, Valve also announced that it will soon launch the Steam Video app this summer. The app will allow users to watch movies and shows available on Steam on their iOS and Android devices over LTE or Wi-Fi.

The Steam Video app will also offer an offline mode for watching content, a feature that Valve added in response to feedback from its customers.

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