The goblin shark is very distinct with an all-white body and long snout that makes it look almost caricature-like when it's swimming peacefully in the deep ocean.

A crew of filmmakers and researchers took months to track down this extremely rare shark. The creature is known to swim in the Pacific Ocean, along the coast of Japan, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean. It lives in such deep waters that finding one is extremely difficult.

Although swimming peacefully in the day time, the goblin shark looks almost funny -- certainly not like the horrific creature with a protruding jaw that previous photos and descriptions indicated.

When night fell, however, the goblin shark shows a whole new side of itself. Almost like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation, the change in appearance of one goblin shark, trying to take a bite out of one of the diver's sleeve, is shown on video. Yikes!

The gruesome protruding jaw and rows of sharp teeth will haunt your nightmares. Even before the shark was first described in the Western world, Japanese fishermen had already called it tengu-zame, named after a "mythical goblin with an extremely long nose that looked a bit like Pinocchio's."

In the video, the shark is seen trying to turn to avoid the camera but instead runs into the diver's arm. It immediately tries to bite a chunk out of it in defense.

Although the shark's needle-sharp teeth are designed to trap its prey, the shark itself ends up trapped in the thick wet suit material of the diver. A narrator recounts that the diver is not hurt by the startled shark's attempt to bite him.

In no time, the shark is able to free itself and almost immediately its jaws return into the shark's head, hiding the monstrosity it displayed just a few moments ago.

Although the site of the goblin shark's massive jaw and shocking bite might make you afraid to venture into the ocean, there is really no need to worry. The goblin shark is extremely rare and even if you are lucky enough to come across one, its primary prey are shrimp, squid and fish.

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