Instagram users will soon learn how addicted they are to the social media application. The company has confirmed that is working to track app usage.

The New Instagram Feature

On Tuesday, May 15, Instagram's Chief Executive Officer Kevin Systrom revealed on Twitter that it was working on a way to show their users how much time they spend on the app through a "Usage Insights" feature. Systrom stated that these tools would be essential for the Instagram community. He added that everyone using the app should have a positive experience and he also wants companies to take ownership on how spending time online affects people.

The announcement came after TechCrunch discovered that the social media company embedded a piece of code into its Android application. The media outlet was tipped off about the new feature by Jane Manchun Wong, who found the code labeled "slideout_menu_time_spent" inside the Android application package. It is unknown when this feature will be available.

Twitter Reacts

Twitter users talked about Systrom’s statements and added their opinions to the conversation. Some users appreciated hearing Systrom’s stance regarding the issue and appreciated his honesty. Others offered ideas about setting time limits on social media.

Meanwhile, several users spoke about how other social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter have become toxic environments due to constant negative commentaries.

Tracking The Time

Instagram is not the only company that is looking for ways to track usage. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Dashboard, which allows Android customers to see how much time they spend on their apps. Reports also revealed that starting with Android P, an alerts feature will allow users to set timers on when to take a break from apps.

More Instagram News

On May 10, Instagram released a new feature that incorporated emojis. Users could create polls by asking questions and having their followers answer the question using an emoji sticker slider.

Meanwhile, movie ticket company Fandango introduced a "Buy Tickets" option on its official Instagram page. Once users hit the "Buy Tickets" button, they can get movie tickets from Fandango's website.

During the F8 Developer Conference in San Jose, Instagram's parent company, Facebook, revealed several new features on the app.  These include integration between Spotify and GoPro, a filter that hides language intended to torment or oppress users, and a revamped "Explore" section. The new section will allow users to browse through hashtags that are related to trending topics.

Tech Times reached out to Instagram to comment on this story.

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