When it comes to music-related services, platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and others are commonly featured, yet Pandora rolls out a new $14.99 Premium Family plan.

User Base Over Popularity

The new $15 service provides Premium features to up to six different accounts. Unlike most of the competition that clearly eclipses it in popularity, its considerable user base makes keeps it afloat.

The music streaming service began charging its users in 2013 with 40 free hours allocated each month. Once subscribers use up the monthly freebie, they can opt to pay 99 cents for unlimited streaming.

Now, the company offers three subscription options. The basic and cost-free selection comes with limited features and includes ads. The next one charges users $4.99 every month and provides unlimited skips and replays with higher quality audio. Additionally, it boasts unlimited personalized stations with up to four of these with offline playback.

Premium Service And Features

Among the three types of service, Premium Family offers the most bang for the buck, according to users. For $14.99, six different accounts can enjoy the benefits of the top-end selection. The pricing appears to be competitive with music streaming services from Spotify and Apple.

For $164.89 annually, all of the six users will enjoy the benefits of all the ad-free Premium service. These include top-tier features such as search and play any song, download songs for offline play, and the ability to create personal playlists or with the help of Pandora.

The remaining ones are exactly the same as the Plus, albeit with something called "Our Soundtrack." It gives plan members a regularly updated playlist that includes a combination of songs taken from the different music genres of each subscriber.

Switching Plans

Existing subscribers of the regular Pandora Premium plan can switch anytime to take advantage of the benefits of the group subscription. Those who are interested to do so can access the option via the settings page of the application.

Options to send, cancel, or even resend invitations to existing or new users are likewise available. Meanwhile, some users report that the link that takes users to the official signup page is currently unavailable for some reason.

Furthermore, it is important to know that users who subscribe via Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Roku, and iTunes do not have the option to switch services. The only option available is to either wait for the subscription period to expire, or to just cancel it outright, which is not an ideal option for most users.

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