A comprehensive military report reveals confounding new details about a UFO incident that took place off the coast of California in 2004.

In December 2017, the New York Times made a huge splash when it first reported that military personnel onboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier have detected anomalous aerial vehicles that exhibited technologically advanced behavior no human-made aircraft had ever shown. The report came on the heels of the Pentagon releasing three fuzzy videos showing how the UFOs engaged with the team onboard the aircraft carrier.

The military has since remained mum on the issue, leaving much of the incident in the dark. However, Las Vegas TV station KLAS reports they have obtained a copy of a 13-page report prepared by the Department of Defense that analyzes the events related to the incident 14 years ago.

Tic Tac UFO Incident Of 2004

In late 2004, the USS Nimitz and its group of ships detected mysterious objects traveling the surrounding skies at supersonic speeds. Even the AN/SPY, a highly advanced radar that can track a golf ball traveling at 100 miles per hour, could not lock in to the UFOs. On Nov. 14, 2004, the supporting ship USS Princeton sent brand-new F-18 jets to further investigate.

"It takes off like nothing I've ever seen," says retired pilot Dave Fravor, head of the elite Black Aces unit and pilot of one of the F-18s. "One minute it's here, and off, it's gone."

The report says the Tic Tac-shaped UFO was solid and smooth, with no visible edges. There were no pylons, nacelles, or wings. Instead, it looked like a "white, candy-coated shell, almost like a white board."

The UFOs, the report says, were able to drop "very rapidly" from 60,000 feet down to 50 feet in a few seconds. Then they would hover unmoving on the radar before they left as fast as a bullet leaving a gun.

Highly Advanced Technology Not Made By Humans

Among other revelations, the report says that even the world's most advanced radars had difficulty locking in and engaging with the vehicles. However, the Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) on the F-18s could detect the UFOs when stationary or moving at low speeds.

The report also states that the mysterious vehicles were able to stay stationary at the same altitudes for long periods while being able to take off at supersonic speeds, which suggest highly advanced "acceleration, aerodynamic, and propulsion capability." There were no visible control surfaces or any other means to generate lift.

No aircraft in the United States or anywhere else in the world is known to have exhibited the same qualities, according to the report.

What is highly astounding, however, is that the report states that the UFOs were possibly equipped with "cloaking" technology, allowing them to become invisible to the human eye as well as man-made sensors.

Rendezvous With A Mysterious Underwater Object

As noted by one of the F-18 pilots, the sky that day was clear and blue. The ocean was calm, and there was unlimited visibility. The pilots spotted a water disturbance on the surface of the ocean, which looked like "frothy waves and foam as if the water is boiling."

The disturbance was round-shaped and spanned 50 to 100 meters in diameter. One of the pilots who flew over the area said the disturbance looked like a sinking ship or a submarine. It is possible that the disturbance could be the area of a shoal where corals or an island is barely submerged, but as he flew away, the pilot said the disturbance was gone and could no longer tell where it took place.

The pilot did not see any object in the sky or underwater that could have caused the disturbance, which means that the vehicle could have been able to cloak itself and remain invisible when its pilots want it to.

Fravor also witnessed the disturbance. According to the report, he attempted to get close to the UFO, which he said was hovering above the water disturbance. However, as he started his descent, the object seemed to have detected Fravor closing in and changed its axis to point at him. It was at that moment that the disturbance disappeared, and the UFO took off at a supersonic speed.

Is It A Bird Or A Balloon Or None Of Those?

Since the incident was revealed, the pilots have become the subject of ridicule by armchair experts who postulate that the UFOs were more likely a bird, a balloon, or an objected created by human error.

However, Department of Defense intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, who previously headed a secret Pentagon program to investigate UFO incidents, urges everyone to let the data speak for itself.

"Let the information we receive from the electro-optical data; electro-mechanical mechanisms be the tool in which we look and compare what the eyewitness testimony is saying," Elizondo says.

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