Reddit users have stumbled across a weird glitch on the Google app.

Apparently, when a user types "" (minus the quotation marks) into it, it yields an unusual Android search result: a smorgasbord of their recent text messages.

Secret Android Commands?

Users have reported that they're seeing the bug on Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and Huawei devices. (At Tech Times, we tested it on our Samsung and Motorola smartphones and managed to reproduce the glitch.)

As the thread starter on Reddit says, they were just going to the official website of the indie band The 1975, which has a countdown timer for its next album release. In case it's not obvious, they made a typo, typing in two periods instead of one.

"For some unexplained reason when I type in '' (specifically with two periods) into my search bar on the default pixel launcher it displays my recent text messages through Google. It's like just about the weirdest glitch I have come by. Is this combination just a super random coincidence or is there something else going on?" they write.

That explains how "" came to be, but that still doesn't touch on why the string brings up a user's text messages on the Google app.

Now as if the mystery wasn't mysterious enough, other Reddit users also pointed out that "vizela viagens," "zela viagens," or "izela viagens" would also cause the glitch to occur on their devices.

"It [happens] to me when searching for a travel agency in my home town. 'Vizela viagens' Just in case it helps debugging," another user writes.

According to Fossbytes, when trying to reproduce the glitch on an iPhone, they get search results as normal. Also, on Google Assistant for iOS, the app displays the message "I can't read text messages yet."

'Show Me My Text Messages' Command Alternatives?

If it's any consolation, it pulls up only the user's personal text messages, and not of another person's. More than that, it's the same thing as asking Google "show me my text messages," a feature that has been available for a long time now. That doesn't change the fact that it's an odd bug, though.

A Fix Of Sorts

The Google app can display the text messages only when it has permission to access them. That said, this issue can be resolved by going to Settings > Apps > App Permissions > SMS and toggling off the SMS permission of the app.

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