Destiny 2 Will Be Getting A New Game Mode In Fall That's 'A Whole New Style Of Play'


Destiny 2's publisher Activision is teasing a new game mode that's set to be released in a fall update. The company declined to give any more details regarding the new game mode, adding to the mystery of it.

Bungie has been trying to improve Destiny 2 since it began to lose players. Perhaps this could be what brings players back.

Improving 'Destiny 2'

Activision president Coddy Johnson was asked during a post-earnings conference call with investors how Bungie will improve Destiny 2. He answered by saying that they recently hosted a group of Destiny 2 players. During this time, Bungie showed the players the new Warmind expansion along with a preview of a new game mode that will be released this fall.

Johnson said that the response to the new game mode was very positive along with the changes that are being made to improve it. He added that he was excited about what Bungie is doing to the game going forward and outlined the three ways they are going to improve the game: giving the player more power, providing more rewards, and making endgame content more meaningful.

More changes are coming to the game with the release of the second expansion Warmind. It is set to come out on May 8.

First Time On An FPS

Johnson called the new game mode, which won't be released on the Warmind expansion, an "incredibly engaging new mode." He added that it introduces a whole new style of play for a first-person shooter. Johnson says that it will also be a new style of play for the shared-world shooter space of Destiny 2.

Johnson says that he is very excited about the new development. He believes that the new addition to the game will be able to speak to the community when it is released in the fall. More details about the new game mode will be unveiled in June at E3, but he didn't reveal anything else about the game mode.

Destiny 2 has been plagued by problems that caused a mass exodus of players. It lacked meaningful endgame content, changed PvP from six to four players a team, and moved a lot of content behind microtransactions, which turned players away.

No details have been released for the third expansion, which is set to be released in the fall of 2018. If it proves to be anything like the expansions of the original Destiny, then the third expansion will be the charm.

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