Blizzard has finally rolled out the new and improved Symmetra to the Overwatch Public Test Region, giving PC players a chance to try her new skills.

The planned Symmetra changes were a long time coming, dating as far back as September 2016. It was not until April this year when Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman revealed the Symmetra overhaul, with the rework now available on the game's PTR.

Here are all the new Symmetra skills, how they changed from the old Symmetra, and some tips on effectively using them.

Photon Projector

The primary fire of Symmetra's Photon Projector, no longer locks on to opponents, but in exchange, it has increased range and deals more damage. The damage ramping, both up and down, now takes 2 seconds per damage level from 1 second previously. The Photon Projector also generates ammo when hitting barriers, instead of using them up.

Meanwhile, the alternate fire of the Photon Projector no longer pierces enemies. Instead, it explodes on impact, with increased charge speed and projectile speed.

Overall, the changes provide Symmetra with more damage output, which coincides with her shift from support hero to defense hero.

Sentry Turret

Symmetra's new Sentry Turret skill trims the maximum number down to three from six, but each one deals much more damage from before with an increased slowing effect and improved health. The turrets will also be placed by launching them like projectiles instead of setting them, which will allow Symmetra to place a Sentry Turret in new locations.


Previously Symmetra's ultimate skill, the Teleporter has been changed into a regular skill. With the new Teleporter skill, Symmetra may place the exit up to 25 meters away, with the entrance automatically built in front of her. The portals only last 10 seconds and have lower health, but they now allow more things to pass through, such as the ultimate skills of D.Va and Junkrat and Torbjorn's turrets.

The Teleporter is now far more versatile, and will likely function as the star of Symmetra's new skills. Overwatch players will likely find out many amazing applications for it.

Photon Barrier

Symmetra's new ultimate skill is the Photon Barrier. Instead of creating a small barrier when it was a regular skill, the new Photon Barrier will create a massive barrier that spans and cuts through entire maps. Applications for the skill include separating your allies from the enemies, blocking the ultimate skills of opponents, and likely many more that Overwatch players will discover.

Both allies and enemies will not be able to pass through the Photon Barrier. Symmetra, however, may place a Teleporter to allow her teammates to switch to either side of the Photon Barrier.

When Will Symmetra Rework Go Live?

There is currently no timetable on when the Symmetra overhaul will be released to the Overwatch main servers. However, big changes usually stay in the Overwatch PTR for about three weeks, which means that the new Symmetra may arrive before the end of June.

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