Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now and has already surpassed Pokemon Go and Minecraft in terms of popularity.

The battle royale title from Epic Games continues to grow and is roping in millions of players every day across nearly every modern gaming platform one can think of, except for Android.

Fake 'Fortnite' APKs Pop Up Online

Fortnite arrived on iOS devices earlier this year, but the Android version is still under development. Last month, Epic Games announced that the Android app would officially launch in the summer but did not specify the date.

Unfortunately, some individuals are taking advantage of the game's huge fan base and the impatience of Android users by tricking them into downloading malicious software masked as beta versions of the free-to-play survival game.

Fraudulent websites claiming to offer beta versions of the Android app first started surfacing over the last couple of weeks. However, a new scam pointed out by Android Police has taken things to the next level by promoting the fake app on YouTube to deceive more gamers.

Fake APKs Riddled With Viruses, Spyware

The YouTube video, which has since been removed, asked users to download a series of other apps to unlock the Fortnite Android app. However, when the folks at Android Police scanned the APK file from the video for viruses, they found that it posed a security threat.

According to cloud-based security company Zscaler, one of the files is a spyware app that can easily gain access to the user's personal details stored on the device.

The malware can access to phone logs, contacts as well as the camera and also has the ability to make calls, send text messages and even take pictures.

That's not all. The spyware can also activate the device's microphone, record audio as well as keystrokes, and allow bad actors to carry out privileged operations without the user's interaction or permission. Once the device is no longer useful, the malware wipes out all the data in order to cover its tracks.

Where To Download The Android App From?

Until Epic Games officially releases the Fortnite Android app later this summer, users should not trust any links, videos or websites that claim to be offering early access to the popular game.

Android users are advised to download the game only from the Google Play Store or from other official channels because it is highly likely that apps from other sources are fake and malicious in nature.

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