NieR: Automata Arrives On Xbox One June 26: All The DLC Included


2017 was a phenomenal year for games, brimmed with heavy hitting releases such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead and of course, NieR: Automata, which will finally be available on Xbox One, Square Enix announced.

The publisher has confirmed that NieR: Automata will hit the Xbox Store on June 26, to be called NieR: Automata Become As Gods edition. The port marks Square Enix's first announcement for E3 2018, arriving a day before its actual presentation on Monday, June 11.

NieR: Automata Xbox One DLC

Aside from the main game, the Xbox One port will include the 3C3C1D119440927 expansion, plus the Grimoire Weiss Pod, Cardboard Pod Skin, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Retro Red Pod Skin, and the Machine Lifeform Mask Accessory.

NieR: Automata Become As Gods edition is now available for preorder. It'll retail for $60 once it hits shelves later this June. The title was previously only available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. No word on whether PlatinumGames is also planning to develop a port for the Nintendo Switch.

NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is the action role-playing sequel to 2010's Nier and a spinoff of the Drakengard series. It takes place in the midst of a proxy war between machines and what remains of the human race, and follows the story of a combat android. The game combines RPG elements with action-based combat, as with the original Nier.

The game reaped many accolades, not to mention glowing acclaim from critics. In its review, IGN said the game was a "dazzling hybrid" of different genres that results in hours upon hours of "fantastically fun action, remarkable locations, and a story so weird I doubt I'll forget it anytime soon."

"NieR: Automata is a crazy, beautiful, and highly entertaining journey full of nutty ideas and awesome gameplay. It may not include the most sensical story or compelling characters, but its frenzied combat — coupled with beautiful visuals and a stunning soundtrack — make it too much fun to pass up."

Among the most praised elements is the game's combat system, which Kotaku described as "gorgeous" in its review.

"PlatinumGames has a reputation for satisfying combat, and it lives up to that reputation in Nier: Automata. The developer also has a tendency to slip over-complicated mechanics into the back end (see Transformers: Devastation's weapon upgrade system.) They do that here, too."

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