Google Doodle Celebrates Garden Gnomes With Interactive Video Game


Google users saw an exciting wooden logo when they visited the search engine. The image celebrated the importance of a popular garden ornament.

Honoring The Garden Gnome

The latest Google Doodle commemorates the garden gnome. Jessica Yu, a Google Doodle staff member, shared information about their latest creation on the official Google blog on June 10. She wrote that garden gnomes were initially from Germany. The garden gnomes first appeared in the country around the 19th century.

German folklore suggests that the gnomes were created to protect people's gardens. The gnomes guarded the users' hidden treasures against intruders. Gnomes were also known to bring their owners good luck.

Garden Gnome Games

Google Doodle also transported users into the garden gnome world with a video game. They challenged their users by carrying a variety of garden gnomes across a fictional garden. Players must be able to launch their garden gnomes through a catapult.

To guide their gnome across the vast yard, players would have to use their mouse to position them at a particular angle. Once, they got the correct angle, players would hit the spacebar, and they would launch their gnome across the field. If players are successful in throwing the provided gnome 70 meters, they would be able to access to five new gnomes.

All six gnomes can plant flowers across the field. Scattered throughout the area are various items that could either hinder or help the gnomes. If a player's gnome hits mushrooms, they would be able to boost their gnome to greater heights. However, if a gnome lands on mud piles, they would have to restart their game.

Other Google Doodles

Google Doodle commemorated the 109th birthday of Dr. Virginia Apgar on June 7. Apgar played an instrumental role in creating a tool that evaluated the newborn babies' health. The Apgar Score was used within five minutes after the baby's birth, and it measured the infant's health through a ten-point score that determined if the newborn needed immediate care.

Graphic designer Bene Rohlmann transformed Google's logo into a piece of artwork to commemorate the 241st birthday of mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß. Gauß was the first person to draw up the heptadecagon, a 17-sided polygon, and found new ways to solve algebra and geometry. He was also a decorated scientist as he rediscovered the dwarf planet Ceres and created the heliotrope, a device that scientists use to measure the sun.

Primatologist Jane Goodall was recently a subject of a Google Doodle. The Google Design team honored Goodall with a Google Doodle that commemorated her passion for conservation and animal rights for Earth Day. Goodall has spent 55 years transforming humans' perception on how they see animals including chimpanzees and gorillas.

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