Redesigned Gmail Rolls Out To Every User This July: How You Can Make The Switch Now


Gmail's new look, which rolled out for a number of users a while ago, will finally roll out to everyone this July, according to Google.

The new look introduces a number of much-needed visual upgrades, all of them based around Google's Material Design theme. It also comes with new features such as email snoozing, nudging, and a new security feature called confidential mode, which allows a user to attach an expiry date to a sensitive email or revoke it entirely. It also adds two-factor authentication to each message, allowing the user to ask passcodes from recipients before they're able to open a confidential email.

A number of Google services and third-party apps have been integrated into the sidebar, including Calendar, Keep, Tasks, Trello, and a lot more others.

Also, It's currently the only version of Gmail that supports a feature called Smart Compose, which finishes sentences with the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

New Gmail Available To All By July

The redesigned Gmail will launch into "general availability" and become available to all G Suite users next month, the company confirms. It didn't share the exact date, but perhaps it's slated for the first half of July rather than much later.

For those who simply can't wait until July, it's possible to turn on the new Gmail now. For personal Gmail accounts, head over to the main Gmail page, find Settings — represented by a Gear icon — and choose "Try the new Gmail" from the drop-down menu if it's available.

What If You Hate The New Design?

As for G suite users, admins will have a few more options for their users: they can either immediately transition all users into the new look, which will still give them the option to opt out for a period; allow them to opt in to the new Gmail at the time of their choosing, which will also give them a period to opt out; or make them wait for around four weeks.

Eight weeks following general availability, all users will be migrated to the new design, though they'll have four weeks to opt out. It all sounds pretty confusing, but the main point is this — even if users can opt out for a bit, the new Gmail will be the standard look by October whether they like it or not, as TechCrunch notes. Basically, the new Gmail is here to stay, and those who prefer the old look can either swallow their pride and embrace the new one or switch to a different email provider entirely.

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