Sony Blocks 'Fortnite' Cross-Play And Progression Between PS4 And Nintendo Switch, And Players Aren't Happy


Sony has blocked Fortnite cross-play and progression between PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and fans of the Epic Games' smash hit are livid.

PS4 'Fortnite' Accounts Blocked On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite fans were ecstatic to learn that they would be able to play the incredibly successful and popular Epic Games' title on Nintendo Switch consoles. However, they weren't so happy to find out about their inability to use a Fortnite account on Nintendo Switch if the account has already been used on the PS4.

That's right. If Fortnite players have played the Epic Games battle royale title even once on a PlayStation 4 console, their account will be locked to that system.

"This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch," reads the error message when players try to log in with their PS4 Epic Games account. "Neither the Fortnite website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this. To play Fortnite on Switch, please create a new account."

This means that all their progress, skins, and purchases cannot be shared between both consoles. This is a two-way issue: players cannot use their Switch Fortnite accounts on PlayStation 4 consoles as well.

Sony Under Fire For Blocking Cross-Play With Nintendo Switch

Several fans from the Fortnite community took to online forums such as Reddit and Resetera to express their anger over Sony's decision to block Fornite cross-play with the Nintendo Switch.

"Sony has lost almost all of my interest in their ecosystem," wrote one user. "What a shame that they are doing things like this even when they are the clear market leaders."

"I'm honestly avoiding their platform altogether now," another user commented. "I'll drop in for an exclusive every now and then but the vast majority of my money is now going to Microsoft and Nintendo."

Sony's console-exclusivity strategy might have backfired this time around. Prohibiting Fortnite cross-play with other consoles has only led players to contemplate whether they should switch to Xbox to play the multiplayer shooter, as pointed out by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller on Twitter.

The company is no stranger to blocking cross-play with rival consoles. In March, it was revealed that Sony was not allowing cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One. Sony has previously refused cross-play for Rocket League and Minecraft as welleven though it was on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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