Gmail For iOS Gets AI-Powered Notifications: Here’s How To Enable It


As part of Google's recent quest to make Gmail for the web, mobile, and other platforms better, the iOS version has now also been updated to allow opt-ins for smarter notifications powered by artificial intelligence.

The new option helps users cut down on the spate of notifications by letting AI choose which ones should be prioritized.

The app now uses machine learning to recognize and filter emails a user may find important over those that aren't. In other words, it's designed to only send out push notifications when there's an email it thinks is relevant to the user. The update is now available for some iOS users, and Android folks will also get it soon.

Technically, the feature is already available on Android via Inbox, Google's alternative email client that also serves as a testbed for more experimental features before they're rolled out to the much larger Gmail audience.

How To Enable The Feature Now

Google says it'll take a few more days before the AI-powered notifications roll out to iOS users, but here's how to enable it now: simply choose "High priority only" from the notifications section of the Settings menu in Gmail.

The app will also inform users about the feature via a popup, which includes a handy "Turn On" toggle that instantly enables it so users don't have to bother with going to Settings and manually toggling it on.

Especially for users who communicate via email frequently, notifications can be a pain. Google's AI-powered solution isn't perfect, but it works well and is straightforward enough. It also comes at a time when the tech industry is more willing to examine people's addiction with technology and the internet.

Facebook, for starters, is trying to make time spent in its site more meaningful, and Apple, meanwhile, wants to create a version of iOS that helps people afflicted with smartphone addiction. It's a nifty and welcome change, and it's easy to imagine it'll get better moving forward as Google further improves upon its AI capabilities.

Gmail's Recent Upgrades

Google recently introduced a major design overhaul to Gmail, which is poised to be the default for every single one of its 1 billion plus users before the end of 2018. The company has also rolled out new and much-needed tricks, including a snooze function, plus another AI-powered feature that helps users compose their emails.

How are you liking the new Gmail app for iOS? Are smarter notifications helpful for you? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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