Facebook's Android App Is Crashing And Users Are Complaining About It


Hours after its Messenger app crashed on iOS, Facebook is now dealing with a new problem that Android users experienced while trying to access the app.

Facebook's Android App Is Down

Facebook's app on Android was crashing, according to many users. Some reports showed that the app started experiencing technical difficulties late night of June 15.

The Down Detector says that the app outage began to peak during the early hours of June 16. Most of the outages were occurring on the eastern seaboard of the United States, as well as other major cities.

There were also outages coming out of the UK. As of this writing, Facebook's support team has not released any comment about the outage on Twitter or any other social platform.

Many frustrated Facebook users went to Twitter to post about their current experiences with the Android app. The viral hashtag #FacebookDown was used as a rallying cry in the past when the app was not functional. Now, users brought it back for this outage.

Facebook Messenger App Glitch On iOS

The Android app failure wasn't the only technical glitch encountered by Facebook. On June 15, users on iOS complained that the Facebook Messenger app was crashing.

The problem is apparently the v.170 update for the app. This new version was launched on June 13 on Android and on June 15 for Apple platforms. When this Messenger app crashed, Facebook released a statement to acknowledge the glitch and it already submitted a fix for it to Apple.

Users who want to fix the Messenger app don't have to wait for their iPhones to update. Instead, users can download Messenger version 170.1 in the App Store now. This new version is designed to fix the problem with the Messenger app.

Meanwhile, desktop users have not experienced any Facebook outages lately. In addition, users on other mobile devices have not reported any glitches. When there is a major outage, the social networking service company typically releases statements regarding the issue with potential solutions for such issues.

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