After its announcement at E3 2018, Microsoft has released a preview build of its new software for Xbox Game Pass, which includes Fast Start and more.

What It Brings To The Table

According to the developers, the first people who will receive the update are members of the Xbox One Preview Beta as well as a few individuals in Delta Ring. This is a sample of what the final build will eventually offer subscribers of its monthly game service. One of its biggest draws is the inclusion of first-party titles exactly on launch day.

The new feature will reportedly rely on machine learning to prioritize important files needed to immediately run the game. To compare, the technology will allegedly allow users to download and play their free monthly game twice as fast as the regular procedure.

The official webpage confirms that other improvements and fixes are included in the system update.

A Summary Of Inclusive Changes

Microsoft Xbox One team refers to the new firmware as version 1806.180612-1920. Insiders reveal that the Fast Start option is limited to a few games from Xbox Game Pass for now. In fact, the developers want participants to download several titles, such as Spelunky, Fuzion Frenzy, The Flame in the Flood, The Golf Club, Casey Powell Lacrosse 16, Screamride, and Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, to gauge the new feature's performance.

Alongside the upgrade are few other fixes that will improve the game system's firmware for a better experience. Localization issues should be resolved together with enhanced reliability and stability of the Party Chat option. Errors with the CW app and YouTube are likewise addressed.

What To Expect

Xbox One developers also point out that the Xbox Game Pass Fast Start firmware update comes with some minor errors. There are instances wherein the online status of Friends will not display correctly during gameplay. Under Groups, there is a known problem that causes the artwork on the Pins not to display. As a workaround, users can try to sign out and sign back in to refresh the system.

Currently, the number of games supported by the new feature is very limited. However, further testing will help the development team isolate problems and fix issues that pop up along the way.

It looks like Microsoft is going the extra mile to make it worthwhile so that gamers will subscribe to its monthly service. After all, the sooner players can boot up their game, the more likely they are to be satisfied with what they paid for.

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