Unlike most virtual reality games that typically focus on entertainment via gameplay, the new SculptrVR embraces the creative side of PlayStation VR on June 19.

Pushing Art Into The 3D Space

The new title arrives a little over a month after CoolPaintVR debuted on the Sony console back in May. People might assume that the new software is just a clone of the former, but upon closer inspection, it offers a different experience.

Nathan Rowe, game's founder, reveals that the concept for the title began three years ago. He adds that the new regarding tracked controllers in virtual space got him thinking about its potential applications. He apparently believes that the creation and manipulation of 3D objects are much easier compared to drawing 2D images.

It seems that most users agree with him and find it easier to express their creations in 3D. It is already available for several platforms such as the Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, and HTC Vive.

Expanding Its Availability

The PlayStation VR version of SculptrVR relies on the platform's motion tracking system via the PlayStation Move controllers. Moreover, the launch trailer for the game also shows off the remarkable precision available to users.

Players can manipulate the 3D objects with up to 10,000x zoom. Advance creators can use it to come up with the most detailed sculptures as they see fit.

Rowe points out that the voxel engine is in place to enhance the details of each creation. The software is reportedly intuitive and just requires at least five to ten minutes understanding the tools.

He notes that the development team spent a lot of hours coming up with a user-friendly control scheme. Most people would agree that a complicated interface will easily intimidate anyone.

There are a total of nine shapes for creating or carving out shapes. One of the more interesting tools is the copy paste option. This allows artists to quickly fill spaces with sculpted objects. For example, a whole field of flowers can be easily created using the function.

Creating And Sharing

PlayStation VR owners are not limited to the console's Share button, which normally just takes a screenshot that can be uploaded to social media. SculptrVR includes an option to save and upload sculptures to an online gallery. This way, other players can use the PlayStation VR system to view everything in 3D.

The company acknowledges that the released version is far from the final build. There are plans to come up with new features and more in the near future.

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