Tinder users no longer have to swipe left or right endlessly to find their perfect match thanks to the app's new "Picks" feature.

Tinder's New Feature Picks Profiles For You

Tinder has announced that it is trying out a new feature called "Picks," which handpicks profiles that users might be interested in based on their information.

The feature is "designed to highlight your most swipe-worthy potential matches and what makes them stand out - all in a fresh new format," the company said in a blog post published on Friday, June 22.

The feature, which users can access by tapping the diamond icon at the top of the Discovery screen, is currently being tested on iOS devices in the U.K., Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, and Mexico.

How Does The App Find Potential Matches?

The new feature selects profiles that share common interests with the user across areas like education, hobbies, job type, and so on. The app also highlights the most relevant characteristics of the profiles it displays, making it easier for users to see who they might be more compatible with.

The list of picks is refreshed with a new set of profiles on a daily basis, but users also have the option to see more "picks" for an additional fee.

One does not have to provide additional information to use the feature. Tinder derives the data shared by users on their Tinder profiles, such as one's hobbies and interests, and then categorizes the users into groups.

For instance, a user might earn a "foodie" tag because they work in a restaurant, went to a top culinary school, or mentions the word in their bio. The app not only uses information from Tinder profiles but also considers the user's previous swiping behavior to find ideal matches.

Only For Tinder Gold Subscribers

If Tinder users want to enjoy the feature, they have to pay for it. The "Picks" feature is exclusively available only to Tinder Gold subscribers.

The Tinder Gold membership already comes with perks like Passport which allows users to view people in other cities, Rewind which allows users to go back to their previous swipe, Unlimited Likes, as well as the ability to see who swiped right on your profile.

Tinder Gold has been a huge success for both Tinder and its 50 million-strong user base. A month after it debuted in 2017, subscribers reported a 60 percent increase in matches, and with the addition of Tinder Picks, that proportion is expected to grow even further.

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