Blizzard released a teaser video that briefly shows something rolling across the scene, which many gamers think is a hint for the next Overwatch hero.

The Overwatch development team has recently been focused on tweaking characters in the massively popular multiplayer shooter, namely with Hanzo and Symmetra. However, it is apparently time for a new hero to join the roster, after Brigitte was added in March.

New 'Overwatch' Hero Teasers

Last week, Blizzard uploaded a mysterious clip on social media with the caption "calm before the storm." It looked like a back alley, with a Lucio mural and "No Bots" on the wall.

Blizzard continued the teasing with another social media post that looked like the first one, also a six-second clip. The short video, which shows something rolling across the street, appropriately comes with the caption "rolling through."

When pausing the video at certain times, it can be seen that the rolling object appears to be made of metal, possibly armor, with what looks like lights at the sides. However, without any official confirmation or context from Blizzard, it is hard to figure out anything from the teasers.

Who Is The Next 'Overwatch' Hero?

Many gamers believe that the next hero will be Hammond, who has been referenced before in Overwatch lore as one of the test subjects on the Horizon Lunar Colony. Hammond was described as a smaller test subject compared to Winston, with previous rumors claiming that Hammond is a chimpanzee.

If this is true, the rolling thing in the new teaser video may have Hammond inside it, with the ball serving as a weapon for crashing into opponents, armor to protect against incoming attacks, and a mode of transportation to move quickly. The ball could be one of Hammond's skills, or it could even be his ultimate ability. One sign from the teaser video that points to Hammond as the next Overwatch hero is the drawing of a monkey-like animal on the wall.

There is also the possibility that Hammond is not a chimpanzee. The rolling thing could be him, if Hammond was an armadillo, for example. In any case, the teaser video has spawned hilarious speculation that the next Overwatch hero will be Sonic the Hedgehog.

Blizzard will likely drop a new teaser soon, which should give excited gamers more clues on Overwatch hero 28. The consensus is that it will be Hammond, but Blizzard might have a few tricks up its sleeves.

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