Samsung has finally given an official unveiling date for its next flagship: Aug. 9. It's almost certain this "Unpacked" event is going to be for the rumored Galaxy Note 9, as indicated by extreme close-ups of a stylus pen in the teaser clip.

The date doesn't come as much of a surprise, however. Earlier in the month, Bloomberg had already speculated Samsung would unveil the handset at the said date, and the Galaxy Note 9 itself recently cleared the Federal Communications Commission, meaning it's most certainly ready to go.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

As for the device, rumors say it won't be that much different from last year's Galaxy Note 8 design-wise. Instead, Samsung is focusing on improved hardware, such as the camera for example. Something fans have never seen before, however, is a yellow variant of any Note phone, which is hinted in the teaser. If true, it'll most certainly likely get a fancy name, in line with existing Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, and Maple Gold variants.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner On Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung could also debut the much-awaited in-display fingerprint scanner via its Galaxy Note 9, but recent rumors suggest the company isn't done perfecting the technology yet and that it'll likely be implemented in the Galaxy S10 instead, which should arrive by 2019.

Possible Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs

It's very likely leaks will surface running up to the event, as is the case with reveal events nowadays, so the Galaxy Note 9 itself might be fully unveiled even before Samsung pulls back the curtains. In any case, it's a Note series phone, so expect the usual suspects, including the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, perhaps up to 8 GB of RAM, a top-of-the-line GPU, and — as always with Samsung — excellent cameras. It might even have the same dual camera setup as its predecessor.

What About The Headphone Jack?

An AMOLED display is practically a shoo-in, as Samsung rarely makes LCD phones these days, but produces what's perhaps the best OLED screens in existence, at least for mobile phones. So good, in fact, that Apple relies on Samsung for iPhone X displays.

Hopefully, Samsung chooses to keep the headphone jack as well, something that's increasingly been disappearing from modern handsets, to the detriment of customers who prefer a wired setup when listening to music instead of pairing their device with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Whatever it's going to be, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about the Galaxy Note 9. Meanwhile, if you have any speculation as to device's specs, design, and other aspects, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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