Belly fat isn’t only unsightly, it can also signal poor health. Studies have even linked higher levels of belly fat to vitamin D deficiency.

Here’s the good news — one can lose belly fat faster than expected if enough work is devoted to doing it.

The Wonders Of Calorie Reduction And Exercise Combined

“Reduction in waist circumference can be seen in as little as two weeks,” Jim White, a registered dietitian and personal trainer, told PopSugar.

While the rate at which people shed inches depends on the individual as well as greater activity and calorie reduction, it’s possible to see a notable difference in one’s waistline, White explained. Every day, dieters should eat at least 1,200 calories for proper body and brain functioning, but they should still go for a 500-calorie deficit to lose one pound a week.

Since calorie control paired with exercise can also enhance muscle mass while losing fat, the bathroom scale may not be the most effective way to measure a person's progress. It's better to track improvements by measuring the waist circumference.

Belly Fat-Busting Exercises

As for exercise, any kind will do. For those with big bellies, however, a 2014 Harvard study suggest weightlifting. Male subjects who performed 20 minutes of weight training every day achieved less of an increase in age-related belly fat compared to those who spent the same period of time doing aerobic activities.

Consistency is a critical aspect of getting rid of abdominal fat through exercise. So, sticking to an exercise plan at least three days a week, and performing as many movements as possible including presses and squats is a good start. Routines known for torching fat include cardio training, interval-based high-intensity interval training, and Tabata-style workouts.

Planning A Weight Loss Diet

Food choices remain to be a vital aspect of eliminating belly fat and fighting obesity. Protein should make up about a quarter of one’s calories, as it is crucial for muscle building. High-protein diets have also been hailed for helping dieters get rid of belly fat.

Another important factor to consider is one's intake of high-quality fats, which should make up around 30 percent of one’s calories. Aside from helping one feel satiated between meals, it is a good source of essential fatty acids that the body needs to be healthy.

Going easy on carb-laden, high-sugar junk and processed foods also goes a long way. After all, the beauty of getting plenty of protein and healthy fat is to ease cravings for high-calorie snacks.

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