A paranormal researcher thinks he could be the first person to ever discover a time warp, claiming he found one on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Time Observed To Slow Down For 20 Microseconds

Joshua Warren, who starred in Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi, claims that he has been measuring the rate of time all over Southern Nevada, which include the areas between the City of Lights and Area 51.

Last week, he said that he found a spot in the desert just north of the city where he claims to have watched time slow down for 20 microseconds.

By using what is called a differential time rate meter, or DT meter, Warren said that he was able to record a measurement that showed time had been slowing down in that particular spot on June 18.

The DT meter, which was invented by Silicon Valley engineer Ron Heath, is connected to a 100-foot cable with a sensor that transmits signal. Warren said that this signal is supposed to travel at the same rate of time at any particular place.

This could only change if a black hole approached Earth, or a similar phenomenon occurred, which is not supposed to happen. Warren said that his observation should not occur as it defies the law of physics.

"That shouldn't happen unless there is some kind of unknown technology being tested nearby that would influence the environment, or if there are naturally places around planet earth that actually sort of flicker once in a while, that warp a little bit," Warren said.

It isn't clear what is behind the phenomenon. Warren said that he plans to continue conducting investigations around Nevada. He said that he hopes to identify what is behind the anomaly, which could be a gateway to another world, a byproduct of some technology, or something extraterrestrial.

Time Warp

Time warps are often a feature of science fiction, usually used in portrayals of rapid journeys in space, or through time that allows people and objects to time travel.

The concept of time travel has long fascinated the world's most brilliant minds. Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan sought the existence of wormholes that could serve as shortcuts in space that can facilitate travel through different time periods.

Stephen Hawking also conducted an experiment to see if time travel is possible. In 2009, he hosted a party for time travelers but nobody showed up.

Back to the Future-like scenarios remain a product of the imagination.

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