Here's 20 Minutes Of 'Anthem' Gameplay, Featuring A Secret Underwater Cave And A Boss Fight


BioWare rolled out a 20-minute gameplay video for its upcoming futuristic shooter Anthem, revealing details about the game's combat system and four-player raids.

Ben Irving, lead producer for the developer, served as the narrator for the video, which offers a good look at what gamers can expect from Anthem.

Anthem Gameplay Video

The new Anthem gameplay video, which runs for just under 20 minutes, features a mission titled Scars & Villainy. The Scars refer to invaders who are always in conflict with the Freelancers, which are the characters controlled by the players. In the mission, the Freelancers are sent to investigate the Scars for getting their hands on some kind of acid weapon.

Friends of any level are allowed to team up in these missions, with players allowed to join missions even when they are already in progress. Missions may include random events, and in the video, it came in the form of a powerful titan.

Some gameplay aspects that were shown off in the Anthem gameplay video were flying through waterfalls to prevent jetpacks from overheating and discovering secret underwater caverns. The video highlights the combat system, teamwork, and the capabilities of the Javelin exosuits, culminating in a boss fight against something called the Swarm Tyrant.

'Anthem' Vs 'Destiny'

Ever since BioWare unveiled Anthem at E3 2017, the comparisons with Destiny have not stopped. With co-op combat, robotic suits, and jetpacks, Anthem appeared to share many gameplay elements with Destiny, spawning endless Anthem vs. Destiny debates.

The gameplay video does not do much to differentiate between Anthem and Destiny, particularly because it does not reveal much about the Anthem story being developed by BioWare. The hands-on demonstration of Anthem at E3 2018 received great reviews, but it also did not do much in showcasing the story of Anthem and that the game was made by BioWare.

Electronic Arts presumably tapped BioWare to develop Anthem due to its RPG experience. Gamers have been expecting more details on the story of Anthem, but BioWare has kept that under wraps.

The Anthem release date has been pushed back from the fall of 2018 to early 2019, which means that the game's launch is still several months away. Gameplay videos such as this most recent one is expected to drive up hype for the futuristic shooter, but without an idea of what is going on in the Anthem universe in terms of the story, BioWare may find it hard to make players excited for the upcoming game.

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