New reports claim that a new type of product from Apple is on its way. It will supposedly combine several popular services into one subscription.

An All-In-One Deal

Sources point out that the Cupertino-based tech company is set to deliver a new form of multimedia service for its users. As of the moment, the only subscription available for its users is the Apple Music.

Industry experts note that it already started to purchase the rights to several TV shows, but did not specify exactly how it plans to distribute the content

A couple of months ago, it also procured Texture, which is a digital magazine platform. Furthermore, it currently touts a partnership with other similar brands such as Rogers Communications, Time Inc., Hearst, Conde Nast, News Corp., and Meredith. This means that a wide range of publications is currently accessible for its catalog.

Customers Always Want Value For Their Money

Speculation suggests that Apple will take all of its varied services and mix them all into one cohesive subscription. Moreover, the approach makes sense in a lot of ways for both the business and its subscribers. Even though there are sufficient indications that it will eventually do so, the idea has yet to be confirmed by official channels.

Also, there is an ongoing debate among sources regarding the possible price point of its new subscription. Some fear that the company might a similar approach with the iPhone X and offer it at a premium cost. However, others would prefer that it would consider a moderate adjustment so as not to intimidate customers.

Another option that could make it even more appealing to people is if the upcoming service will include iCloud storage. Everything mentioned will remain unconfirmed until an official announcement goes public.

People Want Something New From Apple

Market analysts know that the business did not really meet its targets with the release of the iPhone X last year. No doubt the majority of tech experts and users alike believe that the current flagship model is innovative in its own right.

Although features, such as a large screen-to-body ratio, wireless charging, and Face ID security are great, sales of the handset were lower than expected. Therefore, it would be great if the speculated updates to its subscription service turn out to be true.

Amazon and Google, Apple's biggest competitors, already offer a variety of options for consumers. It is time that the company does something to upstage its rivals.

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