BlackBerry seems to be on its way toward a full recovery. Long after the brand's demise, TCL has been doing its best to resurrect Research In Motion's largely abandoned smartphone line, injecting it with modern smartphone elements in a bid to rub shoulders with Samsung or Apple again; to become a heavyweights of the arena just like in the good old days.

That being said, TCL's efforts have not been radical enough for full resuscitation of a dying brand — it's certainly enough to keep it afloat, to be sure, but thus far, no TCL-made BlackBerry device has been a real knockout with critics and consumers alike, partly because of a few things: for one, there's the insistence on putting a physical keyboard on the devices, which, while a nice little nod to classic BlackBerry designs, hurts the devices more than it helps it.

BlackBerry Ghost Battery

But that could change with the upcoming BlackBerry Ghost, rumored to be TCL's first BlackBerry phone that's more akin to a modern flagship phone. With Ghost, TCL will do away with the physical keyboard, opting instead for a nearly bezel-less look. New details about the phone have now surfaced, courtesy of industry tipster Evan Blass. He says the phone will sport a whopping 4,000 mAh battery capacity; typical flagships usually hover around the 3,500 to 3,800 mark.

BlackBerry Ghost Specs

Apart from that, the phone is also said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, which should help optimize its battery capacity with more efficiency. Sadly, these are the only details Blass was able to share for now, but an official announcement should be coming soon.

From the looks of it, the BlackBerry Ghost will have a 18:9 display, the first phone from the brand with such a screen ratio. That should pave the way for narrower bezels, although it's hard to ascertain whether the design will include a notch. Expect a dual camera on the back, which apparently will be much better than its predecessors.

It goes without saying that everything above must still be treated as nothing but rumors, although Blass does have an excellent track record when it comes to reporting about smartphones, making this very likely. Hopefully this device serves as the starting point to BlackBerry's return to the smartphone world, where it was once one of the most powerful players. That's going to be a tall order, of course, but the fact is that the smartphone landscape is ripe for surprises.

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