Tesla Is Done ‘Anti-Selling’ The Model 3 Now That Production Goals Are Met


Tesla might finally begin promoting the Model 3 to customers now that production goals have been met. Previously, Tesla admitted to doing everything it can not to sell the car because it couldn't keep up with overwhelming demand.

That led to an anti-marketing campaign for the vehicle in question, which involved encouraging customers to buy the Model S instead, with the argument that customers could get a Model S much faster as the Model 3 was still having plenty of difficulties in the assembly line.

But now that production is largely in check, as recent reports revealed, Electrek's sources claim that Tesla is starting to build its North American test drive fleet, in addition to offering incentives to stores that sell the Model 3 in Performance trim.

Tesla Model 3 Production

Tesla is now able to make 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week, and is delivering them with rear-wheel-drive in a fairly short amount of time after confirming an order in the United States. Tesla is also apparently offering a $300 commission for each sale of the Model 3 — the Performance variant, that is. Before, Tesla's own sale team handled Model 3 purchases, and store staff weren't offered any form of incentive if they made a sale.

Tesla has yet to comment on the reported incentives.

Don't expect a full-blown marketing campaign for the Model 3, though. Tesla isn't exactly known as an aggressive marketer, with it typically relying on store presence and word-of-mouth to generate sales. It also sometimes takes advantage of fan-made videos for promotion, but so far the company hasn't launched a sophisticated promotional strategy. Not that the Model 3 needs any campaigning or other Tesla vehicles for that matter — they're already pretty popular despite very minimal promotion on the company's part.

What This Means

Ultimately, Tesla incentivizing Model 3 Performance version sales should come as good news for fans, because it might mean the company is ready to move beyond preorders and will start accommodating immediate sales for longer-term profits. That being said, the queue will likely still be long, unless Tesla devotes more facilities and labor to make more Model 3 vehicles per month.

Planning to order a Model 3? What do you think of Tesla's anti-selling campaign? Should it now establish a more sophisticated campaign for its new car? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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