Dating app Hinge launched a new feature named Most Compatible, which promises to set up users with a perfect match once every 24 hours.

The feature looks to break the cycle of disappointments caused by other dating apps such as Tinder, which gives users the power to decide whether or not another user is a potential match. This may lead to failed dates, a problem that Hinge is looking to eliminate with the new feature.

Hinge Launches Most Compatible Feature

Hinge, a dating app that serves as one of many Tinder alternatives, is looking to increase the odds of users finding people who they really connect with through the new Most Compatible feature.

Hinge's Most Compatible is a free feature that, each day, recommends one user that it has determined to be a highly compatible match. The feature does not simply base the decision on what is listed on a person's profile though, as it uses the capabilities of machine learning.

Through machine learning, Hinge pairs users with another user that it thinks will be as close to a perfect match as possible. Most Compatible primarily uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm, which basically believes that in a large pool of people, everybody will find a perfect match. It takes a look at the user's past actions on the app, as well as his or her interests.

"[With Most Compatible] we're pairing you with someone," Justin McLeod, the CEO of Hinge, said to TechCrunch in an interview. "So the person that you're seeing is also seeing you, and this is the best pairing that we think that we can find [in our user base]."

Questions On Hinge's Most Compatible Feature

The biggest question on Hinge's Most Compatible feature, of course, is whether or not it works. Early testing, however, claimed that it really does bring together people who are highly compatible with each another.

Hinge found that users brought together by Most Compatible during testing were eight times more likely to go out on a date.

"This is a way for us to, essentially, go on all your bad dates for you, so that we can help figure out who you'll end up with in the end," McLeod said.

An issue raised by The Verge's Ashley Carman, meanwhile, noted that the Most Compatible feature does not explain why it thinks a recommended user is a perfect match. Users who are longing to find relationships on dating apps, however, will still likely take Hinge's word for it and at least try to see what the Most Compatible feature will offer.

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