The Samsung Galaxy S10 may be following Apple's 2018 iPhone strategy with three models, but next year's flagship smartphone will have a feature that will give it an edge over its rival.

More details about the long-rumored in-display fingerprint sensor have surfaced, revealing Samsung's plans for the feature, and how it will set the Galaxy S10 apart from the upcoming iPhones and other devices in the market.

Three Models For Samsung Galaxy S10, Like 2018 iPhone

According to recent rumors, Samsung will launch three Galaxy S10 models next year. The devices are said to feature screen sizes of 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 inches. If those numbers look familiar, that is because Apple is also expected to unveil three models for the 2018 iPhone with similar sizes.

Similar designs and features between Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and Apple's iPhones are nothing new, but according to reports, the Galaxy S10 will launch a feature that might give it an edge over its rival.

Galaxy S10 Will Introduce In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Various reports have claimed that Samsung will finally launch the long-awaited in-display fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 next year instead of in the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

More details have been released regarding the feature, coming from TF Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst supported the report that there will be three Samsung Galaxy S10 models, with the entry-level model to have its fingerprint sensor at the side. The other two Galaxy S10 versions, meanwhile, will roll out with the in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy S10, however, will not feature an optical fingerprint sensor. According to insider Ice Universe, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh said during a trip to China that optical fingerprint sensors result in bad user experiences. The company could have added the feature two years ago, but Samsung waited for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors of Qualcomm to be ready.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors work better than optical fingerprint sensors because they will work even if the display is dirty. The technology may also allow the entire screen to be a fingerprint sensor.

Samsung will launch the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in the Galaxy S10, but there are already plans to also include the feature in the Galaxy A series and the Galaxy Note 10.

Apple will likely not match Samsung's in-display fingerprint scanner due to its investment in its Face ID facial recognition system. Will the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors give the Galaxy S10 an advantage over the 2018 iPhones? That remains to be seen.

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