A new rumor suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn't the only thing getting upgraded this year. Samsung might also be giving its S Pen a much-needed revamp, first by giving it Bluetooth capabilities.

Trusted tipster Ice Universe may have just confirmed some massive S Pen upgrades with its latest tweet, alleging that the upcoming S Pen will include a long-range self-timer, allow users to control music playback, and perform other tasks associated with Bluetooth.

Galaxy Note 9 S Pen To Get Major Improvements

"The Galaxy Note9 SPen can be used to control long-range self-timer, control music playback, because it is a Bluetooth device, it will do something unrelated to the pen," Ice Universe tweeted.

Exactly how that will work remains uncertain, but the physical button on the stylus might act as a play/pause trigger when it comes to music playback. As for being a long-range timer, this feature might come in handy for taking group photos from a distance — perhaps the stylus will act as some sort of remote control for the camera? That certainly seems to be the case.

If Ice Universe is correct, then this would be by far the most radical upgrade for Samsung's S Pen in its entire history. While its current iteration can be pretty useful for taking down notes, it still lacks a lot of capabilities. But by introducing Bluetooth features, Samsung has the potential to make it a phenomenal addition to the Galaxy Note line. Perhaps it could even convince traditional Galaxy S customers to buy the Note 9 instead.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumored Specs

Aside from a revamped S Pen, the Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly include powerful specs, although its design wouldn't be that different from last year's Galaxy Note 8, according to rumors.

The Galaxy Note 9 will also be a phone of many firsts, if rumors are to be believed. It would be the first Note series phone to feature a yellow color variant, which is quite an adventurous and fun leap from Samsung's typically fancy-sounding color options.

It will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner, something fans have been wanting Samsung to do since the Galaxy S8. Even if this is true, though, Samsung unfortunately won't have the honor of being the first to release a phone with that technology — Vivo jumped the gun on that one.

As for the specs, Note fans can expect nothing short of top-of-the-line: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip is likely, as is 6 or 8 GB of RAM. The camera, as always, will be amazing, though it's not clear how much better it will be over the Galaxy Note 8's sensors.

We'll know soon enough. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on Aug. 9 at an Unpacked event.

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