Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Will Likely Start At $1,000, Says New Leak


It is starting to look like a sure thing that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price will start at about $1,000, according to a new leak that further confirms how expensive the smartphone will be.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on Aug. 9, and then launch the highly anticipated smartphone two weeks later on Aug. 24. This gives fans of the Galaxy Note line a month to save up, as the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to carry a price tag similar to Apple's iPhone X.

How Much Is The Galaxy Note 9?

According to a new report from Europe, care of Tutto Android, Samsung may place the starting price of the Galaxy Note 9 at four figures.

Tutto Android claimed that the Galaxy Note 9 will launch in Italy on Aug. 24 with three color options, specifically black, lavender, and blue, with the third option also coming with a yellow S Pen stylus. The smartphone will be offered with 128 GB and 512 GB storage options, which will be sold for €1,029 and €1,279, respectively, or about $1,204 and $1,497.

The selling prices of smartphones in Europe are much higher compared to the United States through, due to the inclusion of taxes. This means that the Galaxy Note 9 expected price in the United States will not be $1,200, but it will still be expensive.

In comparison, the Galaxy Note 8 price was $950 in the United States and €999 in Europe. If the Galaxy Note 9 will carry a starting price of €1,029 in Europe, then it will be more expensive than $950 in the United States, with a good chance of starting at $999.

The Tutto Android report on the Galaxy Note 9 price coincides with a previous leak from Polish website SpiderWeb, which claimed that the smartphone will be more expensive than the Galaxy Note 8, at 4,299 Polish zloty compared to 3,800 Polish zloty. The figures, taking into account taxes, also hint that the Galaxy Note 9 price will start at or exceed $1,000.

Samsung, in partnership with carriers, will offer various deals and subsidies so that Galaxy Note fans will be able to purchase the Galaxy Note 9. However, the smartphone will still be an expensive one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

Prolific leaker Evan Blass also recently uploaded an image of arguably the best look at the Galaxy Note 9 so far, but recent rumors claim that the smartphone may be the last Galaxy Note device.

Samsung is apparently planning to finally merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series after the Galaxy Note 9, a move that has been in consideration for more than a year.

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