Gamers who were hoping to play their favorite titles on Christmas were hit hard after Lizard Squad took down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. However, fans of the Xbox One might find themselves on the better end of the stick after Kim Dotcom came out to save the day.

Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega, wasn't too pleased with his inability to play his Xbox One online, and thus he came up with a master plan to solve the issue. Kim chose to contact Lizard Squad via Twitter in hopes to make a deal that would see the hackers discontinue their assault on Microsoft's servers.

Lizard Squad followed up with a tweet to Kim claiming that they have ceased their attack on both networks and were awaiting Kim's response. Few tweets later and both parties came to an agreement. We should point out that it comes with a few tidbits.

Should the Lizard Squad team attack Xbox Live and PSN again, Kim reserves the right to cancel their accounts. This is something Lizard Squad agreed to, but considering their actions over the past couple of months, we wouldn't be too surprised if they went against their word.

While the tweet specifically named Xbox Live and PSN as part of the deal, it doesn't appear as if the hackers are living up to their end of the bargain, as recent reports have claimed that only Xbox Live is up and running again, while PSN is still a no show.

Chances are, Sony's servers are slower to get back up to speed since the company's network is as ancient as a thick Nokia handset from 2001. Still, it should be interesting to see how this deal pans out in 2015, and whether or not Lizard Squad is willing to back down for 500GB or more of free storage.

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