Sony Celebrates 500 Million PlayStations Sold With Limited Edition 2 TB PS4 — Only 50,000 Units Available


Sony has officially reached a staggering milestone: selling 500 million units across the entire PlayStation lifespan, which includes the original PlayStation, PS2, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, and PS VR.

To celebrate, Sony is going to release a limited edition PS4 Pro with 2 TB of storage and a gorgeous translucent dark blue casing. When the console's power light is on, its innards are visible through the case, a design that has unfortunately fallen from popularity in recent decades.

Sony Announced Limited Edition PS4 Pro

Sony says only 50,000 units of the console will be produced, and each will have a limited edition number engraved on a commemorative copper plate affixed to the front. The console also comes with a matching translucent DualShock 4 controller, a vertical stand, and a PlayStation Camera. Good news for those who just want to buy the controller: Sony will be selling the controller separately as well.

The bundled package will cost $499, which is $100 more than a typical PS4 bundle. Keep in mind that this comes with twice the storage Sony offers on standard packages, though. The controller will cost $64.99. There's also a wireless headset that has a similar design to the console, which will be available for $99.99. The console can be preordered starting Aug. 24, while the headset will go on sale in early September. Select retailers will offer the console in September as well, although interested customers should act fast because Sony says supply is going to be limited.

Sony also says that extremely special edition units of this PS4 Pro will pop up for lucky buyers, such as one with a serial number of 09995, the official launch date of the first PlayStation in the United States, and 01013, which represents the release date of the PS VR.

Sony has released limited edition variants of its consoles in the past to commemorate certain achievements, like when it made a blue-and-gold PS4 model to celebrate its annual Days of Play sale, or when it produced retro-style PS4 consoles to celebrate the gaming brand's 20th anniversary.


The entire PlayStation family has been one of the most successful console lines in the entire history of video games. When the original PlayStation rolled out in 1995, Sony probably didn't imagine it would go on to sell half a billion units in just under 25 years. The PS4 alone has sold 73.6 million units, as Engadget notes, making it the most popular and successful console of this generation.

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