At long last, Fortnite is finally available on Android devices. Well, some Android devices, anyway. Epic Games has finally rolled out its mega-hit online game to the Android crowd, but as an exclusive for Samsung users.

Not to worry — that exclusivity is only supposed to last for "a few days" and it appears the beta is now starting to open up to non-Samsung devices as well.

How To Sign Up For The 'Fortnite' Beta

Those interested in playing the game can sign up for the beta on the Epic Games website. After which, the game will be immediately available to download — but players have to wait until the developers give them the go-signal to actually be able to play the game.

Players will also need to be using a fairly new flagship to play Fortnite, since the game has hardware demands that lower-tier handsets simply won't be able to fulfill. Most mid-range phones made by major manufacturers in the last few years are on the approved list, but players should still make sure if their device is supported by going to Epic Games's FAQ page.

Can My Android Device Run 'Fortnite'?

Epic Games says that even though some devices aren't specified in its approved list, Fortnite will technically run on any handset that has the following specs: 64-bit Android version 5.0 or higher; 3 GB of RAM or more; and Adreno 530 GPU or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

Just note that players will be asked to download an APK installation file rather than be directed to the Play Store, since Epic Games hasn't made the game available on Google's storefront yet. This means that some players will probably have to disable some permissions on their phone to be able to install apps from unknown sources. This shouldn't be too difficult, however, and should only require a few clicks.

Once installed, be prepared to wait for a bit. Like most beta versions, Epic Games appears to be rolling out Fortnite slowly, so it might take a while before some users acquire full access.

A word of caution: there are some modified versions of Fortnite circulating the web that supposedly allow the game to run on certain devices, as Lifehackers notes. It's best not to download these variants and stick with Epic Games's official APK instead.

Even worse, there are some fake APKs also running around that dupes people into providing their sensitive information. That's why it's best to stick with the official one for the time being, or wait until Epic Games rolls the game out more widely.

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