The PC version of Monster Hunter: World is no longer available for purchase in China, just days after the highly anticipated game was released through Tencent's Steam-like WeGame platform.

Capcom released Monster Hunter: World for PC on Aug. 9, earlier than expected, as it was initially planned for the fall. Unfortunately for PC players in China who have been waiting since the game's console launch in January, Monster Hunter: World is in danger.

'Monster Hunter: World' No Longer For Sale In China

Monster Hunter: World for PC, five days after launching on Tencent's WeGame, is no longer for sale in China due to the "numerous complaints" that came from the country's authorities.

The creature-slaying RPG was one of the best-selling new titles on WeGame before its removal on the platform. Gamers have taken to Chinese social network Weibo to express their disappointment over the matter, even going as far as saying that Monster Hunter: World's removal was "the darkest day" in the country's video game industry.

According to the Financial Times, which cited anonymous sources, the game was taken down not because of its content but due to politics. A new media regulator has resulted in a months-long freeze on approving new mobile games in China, and it looks like the issue has expanded to also include Monster Hunter: World for PC.

Players who bought Monster Hunter: World for PC are given until Aug. 20 to apply for an unconditional refund of the game plus a coupon for 30 Chinese yuan, or about $4, that will be credited to their WeGame accounts. Players who fail to apply for a refund or choose not to apply for it will be allowed to keep the game. However, WeGame said that it could not guarantee that all services pertaining to Monster Hunter: World will continue, which may affect gameplay, particularly online multiplayer.

Missing Out On 'Monster Hunter: World'

It looks like China will be missing out on the PC version of the fastest-selling Capcom game, beating all titles from the developer's iconic Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Resident Evil franchises.

Monster Hunter: World reviews were overwhelmingly positive when it was launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it is expected to display the same excellence in its arrival to the PC.

There remains a possibility that Monster Hunter: World for PC will be released in China, though. Capcom and Tencent may make some changes to game to gain regulatory approval, as it is not good for business to skip a market as big as China.

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