Samsung Is Making Another Galaxy View Tablet: Report


Samsung has a surprise for Galaxy tablet fans, as reports suggest that a new version of the oversized Android is underway.

The 18.4-inch Galaxy View that ran on Android 5.1 was released three years ago. At a starting price of $600, there were no other gadgets like it available on the market. The 6-pound device was equipped with a mammoth monitor and a full operating system.

According to sources, the Galaxy View's upcoming device will be more practical and compact. Notably, its predecessor charged similar to a laptop style-adapter instead of USB. The Galaxy View 2 will charge via USB-C.

About The Device

Furthermore, Samsung will replace the big handle with a book-style hinge that will also function as a stand. The device can also be set up in two configurations. First is the closed position, which will make it similar to a drafting desk, with the gadget angled at approximately 30 degrees.

It can also be in an open or deployed position where the hinge will function as a stand that keeps that gadget upright like a laptop. This mode is suitable for users who want to watch videos. Additionally, sources said that the stand and hinge cannot be removed from the device.

The new Galaxy View is reported to have a 17.5-inch screen and will run at 1080p HD resolution. Despite the excitement for the new gadget, reports indicate that not all issues and shortcomings of the Galaxy View will be fixed.

Moreover, the new device will not be equipped with a stylus, despite the Korean brand's pushing of its new S Pen in its Galaxy Note 9. The new Galaxy View will also run on Android Oreo, with a custom Samsung skin.

Also, the device might be using the Exynos processor like its original version. The View 2 will also have 3 GB of RAM, and might not support the DeX mode.

Other News

There is still no definite launch date for the product. However, the first Galaxy View was announced in October 2015. Additionally, the device will be sold via AT&T and might not be marketed as a PC replacement or a portable workstation. Rather, it will be geared as another device for media streaming purposes such as a touch-enable kitchen-TV or a portable backyard TV.

With AT&T, people can also expect that it will bring DirecTV upsells to come along with the device. As of now, there is still no news about its battery life, price, and other features.

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