Rumor: Upcoming iPhone Flagship Will Have Apple Pencil Support, 512 GB Storage


More details about Apple's latest flagships are quickly coming out of the woodwork as September nears, and new rumors now allege that the upcoming iPhone X follow-ups will include Apple Pencil support and come in a 512 GB variant.

Market analyst TrendForce believes Apple may be pulling out all the stops to make the iPhone X sequels — three models are coming out this year, allegedly — even more appealing than the first iteration.

Apple Pencil Support On The Upcoming iPhone Flagships

The firm says that the OLED iPhone X models to be unveiled next month will support the Apple Pencil. The accessory, primarily used on the iPad Pro, allows users to sketch, doodle, and highlight certain sections of a document. It was specially developed for Apple's tablet and works with its capacitive touchscreen.

It's not clear whether Apple is going to release a smaller version of the Apple Pencil, since the current one is pretty massive — larger than a real-life pencil, in fact. A more petite version, a la the Samsung S Pen, is a likely design choice, although TrendForce has failed to provide more details on this.

In any case, rumors of Apple Pencil support on iPhones aren't exactly new. CEO Tim Cook himself apparently gave it away in 2016 when he suggested that he had used the two together.

Bumped Storage Options For New iPhones

Additionally, TrendForce also expects the two OLED models to be offered in a 512 GB tier, which would be much higher than the current 256 GB maximum. Why a person would even need that much storage is unclear, but it should be noted that iPhones don't offer expandable storage, so users who stock up on movies, music, and apps won't be able to increase their storage once it's filled up. Therefore, buying an iPhone variant with more space is the only solution.

As mentioned, Apple is rumored to unveil three iPhone models at its annual hardware event, which happens this September, if the Cupertino company's release pattern holds up. The two models, premium ones, will carry OLED displays, while the third is expected to be a more affordable option with an LCD display, though its design will be similar to the iPhone X. TrendForce says it will have only 3 GB of RAM, compared with 4 GB on the two more expensive models. It won't be offered in a 512 GB option, says the firm.

Make sure to check back with Tech Times this September as we learn more about Apple's flagships.

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