Epic Games is hitting two birds with one stone in its latest attempt to improve the security of Fortnite accounts, as the developer is also giving away something free in the process.

In an age where hackers are becoming more aggressive and dangerous, it is unfortunate that some users remain ignorant regarding online security. Epic Games is looking to help fix the problem, at least within Fortnite.

Enable 'Fortnite' Two-Factor Authentication, Get Boogie Down Emote

The Battle Royale shooter Fortnite is arguably the hottest video game in the world right now. Unfortunately, that also means that it may be the biggest target for hackers.

To help protect users having their Fortnite accounts hacked, Epic Games has been reminding gamers to enable two-factor authentication. The security feature, when activated, supplements the log-in password with a second code that will be sent to the user through an app, text message, or email. This means that hackers, even if they crack a Fortnite account's password through whatever means, will also need to have access to the account holder's phone or email.

To activate two-factor authentication, players will need to log in to the official Fortnite website, and choose the Account option after hovering over their username in the top right corner. Players should then access the Password and Security menu, where the Enable Two-Factor Authentication option will be waiting for them.

Once players are done, they will instantly be able to claim the Boogie Down emote, which can be equipped in the in-game Locker screen.

Epic Games is not doing everything right when it comes to security, particularly its decision to make Fortnite Mobile for Android bypass the Google Play Store. However, the developer may be on to something by offering a Fortnite emote in exchange for two-factor authentication activation.

Will Other Tech Companies Follow Epic Games' Lead?

Two-factor authentication will not prevent all cyberattacks, as hackers may still be able to work around the security feature. However, if hackers encounter an account with two-factor authentication enabled, they will likely move on to another, less secure account, instead of using up time to crack a more secure one.

The question now is whether other tech companies will follow Epic Games' lead and start offering incentives for improving the security of their online accounts. Other video game developers may be thinking about offering perks for enabling two-factor authentication, while other platforms that require online accounts might consider giving access to certain features exclusively to those with secure settings.

It may be unfortunate that users need to be offered a reward for doing something for their own good, but whatever works to keep hackers away, right?

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