Microsoft ended the one-year operation of the Surface Plus financing program after it disclosed that the plan will no longer accept new enrollments.

The Surface Plus financing program, which was publicly unveiled last year, provided customers with an access to Surface devices such as the Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pro. Additionally, the Klarna-financed program enabled users to make monthly payments with 0 percent APR over a 24-month period.

Microsoft did not divulge a particular reason as to why it decided to shut down the service but reiterated that the decision was made "after much thought and consideration". The company revealed that it will also get rid of the Surface Plus Portal on Sept. 30. 

"After much thought and consideration, Microsoft has decided to end new enrollment into the Surface Plus Program, financed by Klarna, starting August 31, 2018," Microsoft posted on its website.

Microsoft added that users who bought Surface plus accessories in the last 30 days can also choose to return their devices to the company. Users can make a qualified return online or by calling Microsoft at 1-877-696-7786.

Microsoft's Move Won't Affect Existing Customers

Moreover, Microsoft's move won't affect the financing plans of existing Surface Plus users, citing that, all Klarna plans will be honored. Notably, the company will further enable current customers to update to a newer equipment after 18 months, in return for agreeing on a new 24-month payment and credit arrangement with Klarna. 

"Yes. After 18 months, if your Klarna account is in good standing with 18 monthly payments made on your 24-month plan and you return your original device in good working order you are eligible for an upgrade. Upon reaching eligibility simply contact a Microsoft customer service representative at 1-844-834-8667 for more information," Microsoft added. 

In addition, ONMSFT noted that small and medium corporations can still access any surface devices ranging from a HoloLens headset to the new Surface Go. Users can likewise include an optional Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription to purchase the complete package. 

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Surface Plus for Business Program will still continue to operate in the United States. The program, which was released last year, is currently in partnership with LiftForward.

In separate news, Microsoft introduced the Xbox All Access program for gaming enthusiasts. The Xbox All Access program facilitates gamers to purchase an Xbox One console, two-year subscriptions of Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, and pay for the entire thing with no interest in a 24-month period.

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