Snap, the parent company of the Snapchat app, released two new styles for Spectacles 2 that aim to make the video-recording and picture-taking devices look like normal eyewear.

The Snap Spectacles 2, which was unveiled in April, may have turned off some customers due to their fancy frames and wild color options. The new designs, however, may make them reconsider.

Snap Spectacles 2: New Styles That Look Like Normal Glasses

Snap revealed new styles for the Spectacles 2 that make the smart glasses look like normal sunglasses. Named Veronica and Nico, the new designs are now available on the online Spectacles shop.

Veronica and Nico come with black frames and polarized black lenses. Instead of the chunky yellow case that comes with the earlier versions of the Spectacles 2, the new styles come with a slimmer, semi-soft black case.

This fall, the Veronica and Nico styles will be sold in some Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus retail stores in the United States, as well as in a variety of retailers in Europe. In addition, Lensabl will continue allowing customers to order prescription lenses for the new Spectacles 2 models.

In exchange for the more traditional look, the new Spectacles 2 designs are carrying a price tag of $200, which is $50 more than the $150 price tag of the original styles.

Aside from these changes, the new Spectacles 2 will retain the functions of the earlier versions. They are water resistant, allow exporting in non-circular formats, and are capable of taking photos in addition to videos, unlike their predecessors. The Spectacles 2 can record up to 70 videos or hundreds of photos in a single charge and may wirelessly transfer the content to the user's smartphone.

The Spectacles 2 also dropped the bright yellow ring around the camera lens that was featured on the original Spectacles, making them more discrete. People around the wearer will not feel anxious that they are being recorded.

Snap Spectacles 2 Success

According to Snap, since the launch of Spectacles 2, users have been posting 40 percent more pictures and videos captured with the device.

To continue this success, Snap is planning to release an automatically curated Highlight Story feature to help turn content captured with Spectacles into great things to share. This will push Spectacles 2 owners to post more instead of keeping the content within the glasses.

The Spectacles 2 are successful compared to the original Spectacles, but it may just be because the first version of the smart glasses set the bar too low. The first Spectacles only sold 220,000 pairs, with hundreds of thousands of units left unsold.

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