Epic Games will tackle the controversial Fortnite console keyboard and mouse issue on the PlayStation 4 by giving players who use this input method fair competition.

Soon, Epic Games will launch input-based matchmaking, to make sure that keyboard and mouse users on consoles will only go up against other Fortnite players who also use them.

Keyboard And Mouse Users On Console And Mobile Games

Console games are meant to be played with controllers, and mobile games are meant to be played with touchscreen controls. However, some players are instead using a keyboard and mouse as their input method, which many believe give them unfair advantages. For example, aiming is much easier for keyboard and mouse users compared to controller users.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan discussed the keyboard and mouse issue last year, suggesting that either the input method should be restricted on consoles, or it should be provided as an option to all console owners. Earlier this year, the problem resurfaced when some PUBG Mobile players were reportedly ruining the game by using keyboard and mouse controls, while their opponents struggle with touchscreen controls.

Epic Games To Roll Out Input-Based Matchmaking

In Epic Games' State of Development for massively popular Battle Royale shooter Fortnite, one of the things that the developer highlighted was the pending arrival of input-based matchmaking.

With the Xbox One currently not supporting keyboard and mouse controls, the change will only affect PlayStation 4 owners. Under the new matchmaking logic, Fortnite players on the PlayStation 4 who are using a keyboard and mouse will be matched up against PC players, as they are using the same input option. The logic will extend to the whole party, so even if only one player in the PlayStation 4 group is using a keyboard and mouse, everyone will be going up against PC players.

However, Epic Games did not clarify if PC players using a gamepad will be paired with PlayStation 4 players on controllers. The developer, however, mentioned that custom controls will be released before the year ends, and users will be able to completely customize their gamepad's layout according to their preference.

Fortnite PS4, PC Cross-play: Sign Of Things To Come?

Gamers who thought that PlayStation 4 has started opening up Fortnite cross-play with Epic Games' input-based matchmaking should not get too excited, as PlayStation 4 and PC cross-platform play has been available all along for the game.

The controversy surrounding Sony is its stance against PlayStation 4 cross-play with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, while there remains hope for the future, it likely will not be happening any time soon.

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