Google Inbox Will Shut Down Next Year: All The Best Features Are Already On Gmail


After a five-year run, Google will shut down its Inbox app next year, with all its features now available on Gmail.

Inbox users will have until March 2019 to transition from the innovative email app that was launched in 2014 to Gmail. Despite the existence of Gmail, Inbox became popular to many due to the ton of ideas and features it provides, like standby, snooze, and bundling. Also, Inbox provided users to experience latest AI-powered features such as Smart Reply, Nudges, and high-priority notifications to help them stay productive.

According to Matthew Izatt, Gmail product manager, the company has learned a lot on how to make email better through Inbox. Now, the company is incorporating the Inbox experience into Gmail to help people accomplish more with their emails.

"As we look to the future, we want to take a more focused approach that will help us bring the best email experience to everyone," said Izatt.

Google To Help Inbox Users Transition To Gmail

According to Izatt, Inbox users will have an easy time transitioning to Gmail, as the latter now contains many of its popular features after undergoing redesign in April. Inbox users can also snooze their emails in Gmail, where they can postpone emails to a future date or at their most convenient time.

Gmail now has Inbox's follow-ups or nudges feature, where it occasionally moves old emails to the top of the inbox and suggest to users to reply to it or follow up. The new Gmail has a hover feature where users can point to emails in your inbox and quickly take action, like archiving or marking as read, without even opening it. Smart Reply is also available to users, providing them with suggested phrases that appear based on the email they receive.

Gmail Adds New Features

One of Gmail's new features is the warning, where users are alerted if they receive a potentially risky email. The new Gmail also has a confidential mode, where users are allowed to remove the forward, copy, download, or print messages options. This feature is useful for those who send sensitive information via email. Users can also keep their email confidential through Gmail's new expire feature.

In addition, Gmail's mobile version contains high-priority notifications where it notifies users of important messages, helping them to stay focus without interruption. Gmail also allows users to unsubscribe from newsletters and offers. The new Gmail features are currently available by trying the new Gmail version. Users also have an option to return to classic Gmail if they find the new version not useful.

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