Google has excelled itself again as the upcoming Wear OS will be powered with a Google Fit, a Google Assistant, and an enhanced user interface.

The Wear OS is expected to hit the stores in mid-September. This is the third major release of the platform and the first since rebranding to Wear OS. Engadget reported that all current Wear users with version 2.0 watches or higher will get the new software when it shows off in two weeks' time. 

Brisker And Beneficial Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is geared with the capability to offer users with an information about their upcoming calendar events, package tracking details, as well as commute and weather forecasts. The aforementioned details will be exhibited on the page when a user swipes right from the home screen.

In addition, the Google Assistant is likewise armed with Google Now cards wherein users can see contextual action chips. The contextual action chips are tappable keys that suggest applicable commands that users can give to their Google Assistant.

Apart from the Google Now Cards, the Google Assistant will also sport an improved Google Stream list which can be found in a separate area to the left of the home screen. Dennis Troper, director of product for Wear OS said that they are hoping to add more features over time.

"We're starting with a set of information types that we're going to be showing to you, and over time we'll be adding more and more," Troper said

Enhanced User Interface

Aside from Google Assistant, the Wear OS will also come away with a notification peripheral that puts all the user's notifications on a single, scrollable pane. Swiping left will take users to the Google Fit interface while swiping down takes them to the Quick Settings pane.

The Quick Settings Pane is comprised of two oft-requested buttons, one for Google Pay and another one for finding the user's phone. Additionally, Wear OS watches will also have an NFC attribute. 

Track Health With Google Fit

The Google Fit component of the Wear OS will enable users to access their fitness stats by swiping once to see progress on cardio and movement activity. On the cardio and movement activity page, users can press a button to begin their workout.

Workouts will go by default with whatever the user's last activity was. The Wear OS will also feature fitness rings that register the users' "Heart Points" and "Move Minutes".

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