Mozilla launched Firefox Monitor, a free service that lets users know if they need to change the passwords for the online accounts because their data has been compromised.

If the tool sounds similar to Have I Been Pwned, that would be because Mozilla worked with the website to enable Firefox Monitor. This should give users better peace of mind when it comes to their online security.

Firefox Monitor: Here's What It Does And How To Use It

Mozilla announced Firefox Monitor through an official blog post, where it revealed testing the tool over the summer returned positive results and feedback.

Firefox Monitor works very similarly to Have I Been Pwned. To access the free service, users will need to go to on any internet browser, as the tool is not limited to Mozilla's Firefox. From there, users will be allowed to enter their email address for a basic scan.

The email address will be checked against a database, and the Firefox Monitor will then inform the user if his/her personal information may have been involved in a previous data breach. Users who discover that their email address was compromised should change their password, as well as any other online account which uses the same password.

Users will also be able to sign up with Firefox Monitor to receive notifications if their email address appears in newly reported data breaches.

Lastly, Firefox Monitor offers tips on how users can help keep themselves safe from hackers. Users should use different passwords for their online accounts, so that if one account gets compromised, the others remain protected. Users are also recommended to create strong passwords, treat security questions like extra passwords, and use additional security tools such as password managers and two-factor authentication.

Hackers And Online Security Threats

Data breaches and other online security threats, unfortunately, have become a part of daily life. People should never think they are safe from hackers, because the world's largest tech companies, including Apple and Google, have found themselves hacked. Data breaches have even extended beyond computers, affecting smartphones, video game consoles, and smart TVs, among many others.

Firefox Monitor will not prevent any data breaches, as it will only inform users once they have already been victimized. However, with the partnership between Mozilla and Have I Been Pwned, the service will likely be able to reach a wider audience due to the wide install base of the Firefox browser and the familiarity of users with the Firefox brand.

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