Rumor: Samsung To Reveal Foldable Phone This Week Called ‘Galaxy F’


Samsung's foldable galaxy smartphone might finally be closer than people expected. According to new rumors, the South Korea electronics company is scheduled to unveil the Galaxy F this week, marking the debut of Samsung's first-ever foldable handset.

News of Samsung developing such a device comes as no surprise. The entire tech industry has been waiting with bated breath for what's poised to be the next radical innovation in smartphones.

Samsung Will Announced The Galaxy F

As BGR reports, Samsung is apparently going to announce preliminary details surrounding the Galaxy F this week, specifically at the annual Samsung Developer Conference, which happens Nov. 7. SDC, of course, is a much smaller fare than, say, Apple's events. However, that's no doubt changing this year if Samsung chooses to fully unveil its foldable smartphone for the first time.

The Galaxy F is expected to be a refined smartphone and tablet experience in one. It's assumed to work as a full-fledged tablet when opened entirely, and as a smartphone when folded. Of course, this is just pure speculation. It remains wholly unclear exactly how the phone is going to work, let alone what it's going to look like.

Samsung Galaxy F Specs

Specs are out of the question, too. However, some reports say it's going to come with Samsung's 7-nanometer chipset for international markets, or a 7-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for U.S. customers. It'll also allegedly feature a modified version of Android specifically developed by Samsung and Google for foldable phones.

The device is believed to sport a 7.3-inch OLED screen that is able to fold like a clamshell. Another 4.6-inch OLED screen is said to be on the outside of the phone so it can be used as a normal phone when folded. It is expected to be quite large and bulky, although perfectly capable of being stored in a pocket.

Although a full unveiling is unlikely to happen until sometime next year, it's still remarkable that Samsung plans to announce preliminary details as soon as this week. To be clear, this isn't just a simple unveiling. An announcement, however preliminary, can cause a lot of things to occur. For one, it can sway the stock market in Samsung's favor. Alternatively, it can sway the other way around supposed the device doesn't impress.

Either way, this week is going to be a crucial point for Samsung. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more!

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