Verizon's unlimited prepaid plans just got a wee bit cheaper. The Big Red just updated its pricing plans by slashing a few bucks from the total. The flagship unlimited plan now costs just $70.

On top of that, users can get a $5 discount — provided they set up autopay.

That's a small but still nice discount, especially since the old plan cost $75 a month. In addition, Verizon is now also offering a new 8 GB plan for $45 and a 3 GB plan for $35. They're not such radical upgrades from the previous pricing tiers — $50 for 7 GB, $40 for 3 GB — but they're still welcome discounts regardless.

Verizon Slashes Price For Unlimited Plans

"Verizon is bringing more value and more features to Verizon Prepaid — including $5 monthly Auto Pay discounts per line — to make it easier for prepaid customers to get on the best network with no annual contract or credit check," the company writes in an announcement.

Verizon's plans now have extra flexibility, as well. Users can now enroll up to 10 lines in a single account instead of just five, and they can add tablets and mobile hotspots into the mix at the same prices as it takes to add smartphone lines. Of course, each line gets its own data allotment rather than pulling from a shared amount. That means for the 8 GB plan, every line gets 8 GB worth of mobile data.

For Those Not Big On Data

The changes mentioned above take effect on Nov. 6, including the new pricing tiers and the autopay discount. For those who don't use much data, there's a cheaper $30 alternative which comes with 500 MB. The updated price points make Verizon "an even better value for unlimited," the company claims.

Verizon's update pricing seems to be a direct response to the relaunch of T-Mobile's Metro, whose unlimited options start at just $50 and some of which include at least a Google One subscription at no extra cost. Similarly, AT&T's unlimited plans are a bit cheaper than Verizon's, with plans starting at just $45.

That being said, Verizon is certainly attempting to appeal to more users and be more competitive, and for many, it might make a lot of sense to subscribe to the Big Red if it's the predominant carrier in their area.

Thoughts about Verizon's new pricing plans? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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